Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LAST post

summary-the end of the book was great. so bridgete and danile have got a relationship oh yeah its not just a work fling. they travel together and date. b gets annoyed that danile is random and doesnt always follow through with plans. she tells her self that shell never do stuff with him again but eventualy ends up doing it. She also has awkward encounters with mark darcy. remmeber from unas curry buffet thing!?!? yeah that guy!!!!! Remember how brigetes mom and pops were having issues and she was running off with that tall dark and handsom man?? well yup there is a new one. his name is JULIO. hes young and sexay. but ultimately she learns that a young boy is not what she wants and she really just needs to focus on her careeer. b and danile spend alot of time together. one day she suprises him at his home and what does he find but a nude american woman. well that relationship ended. so shen she focuses on her career and ultimately nds up with awkward MARC DARCY.


Friday, May 16, 2008


summer is almost here.
its time to start cheer
kids are playing in the grass
i caught a nice big mouth bass
this summer i will be a nanny
i wont be sitting on my fanny
i have three jobs and i make cash
ill be throwing a big summer bash
the beach will be nice with all the sand.
me and annie shanaywater will hold hands.
i will go to cheer camp.
oooh yeah i like lamp.
fourth of july lets have fun.
annie shanaywater likes to run.
fireworks and flags.
kids running around putting candy in bags.
at practice we will tumble and stunt
ill go on a shopping scavanger hunt
there will be cheer sleepovers where we wont sleep
the next morning new secrets to keep
carwashes will be silly
annie shanaywater likes a boy named willy
will be out tanning in the sun
i cant wait for summer it will be so fun=)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

week 5

post a-In this section of the book bridgete keeps up her insecive flirting with her boss danile. After the holdiay season british feels remorce about the food she has consumed at una alconburys curry fest. when valentines day rolls around bridget is worried that she will have no valentine, when suddenly a mysterious card appears at her aparments. for afew days she waits to see if the prissy lady next door claims it. when she opens it she see it was from danile. oh i forgot to mention they went on aDATe yes. and they ehhem. so bridget is pleased with that. i think that would be sooo awkward, i menai ts he rbossbut hey if it makes you happy. also her parents are having conflict, when bridgete sees her mom at the mall with a mysterious young we man she decides to investigate. she talks to both her parents separatley and then meets with both of them and figures out that her mom is skanking it up all over the place! how rude. so basicaly this section wraps it up wityh danile and bridget having a fling and her parents in shambles.

post b- culturaly im finding a few differnes, in the way the text is writen. They say mother and father where as americans usualy say mom or dad or call their parents by there plutonic names. They usualy start sentences with a noun or verb went to the store, or tea part was nightmare. stuff like that. a lot of sentences start with just can. also they say bloddy, or awful whereas americans would say something sucked. Brim is another word for think. sentences also avoid say I so am so great is very exceptable

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

week 3 posts

I switched books. Now my world culturally inclusive outside reading choice is Bridgette Jones Diary about a 30 something in London working in the publishing biz. In this first part of the book we see distinct differences from British culture and Americans. Firstly the language is different- cigarettes are called fags, very can be said as bloody, and ite/ate is added on to words to make them adjectives. In British culture it seems that women are expected to be married by the time they are in their thirties where as in America it is perfectly normal for a business women to be single up into her forties or beyond. Also it seems that their may be a different attitude in the work place. The bosses (the ugly p name) seem to run a tighter shift where as American bosses are more flexible. On the contrary Bridgette’s flirty relationship with her boss Daniel in this section of the book, would be a huge scandal in an American corporation

I am really really enjoying this book. I decided that the kite runner was not very good. It was bland and I didn’t really enjoy the writing style. I however adore this book already( im only on page 40!) I love books that are first person and in a diary format, it helps you to jump into the characters life and get inside their head. I’ve seen the movie and I thought they were bloody hilarious. ( hah bloody brit joke) Instantly were able to relate to her feelings about the holiday season and the weight you put on. Who hasn’t been there. I also really like how she begins each entry-her weight, her alcohol consumption, how many cigarettes she’s had and her overall calories. Later on like on page l36 she starts saying how many positive and negative thoughts she’s had. Its also funny because she is so blunt and her family and events are just hilarious so far this book is great

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

fictional characters

The first character i read about was Dora the Explorer. Dora was created by nickoldoeon to showcase a strong pan latina girl having adventures and learning while embracing her spanish heritage. This character is important to our culture because latino kids need to know that they are special and having dora represent them does just that. This character is not very importan t but she is super cute and she has the most adorable monkey pal- Boots!

The second character i read about was southpark's Cartman. Cartman is important to society because he says what ever comes to his mind alot of time it is what is on the american mind but we do not want to say. In times like these hard times in the world, having a person like Eric Cartman to laugh at is something very special.

Hello Kitty is the most important character in our society. In hard times seeing a cute cat in a red jumper and red bow makes everyone smile. Hello Kitty has exstensive clothing, jewlery, movie and other lines. She is is more than a brand name.shes and empire. Hello kitty is the cutest and best character. you can wear and love hello kitty at any age. Hello Kitty originaly came from asia and was and still is extremely popular there today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

week 3 posts

post a- in this section of the book our main character-Amir discusses his enjoyment of flying kites and how when winter time came about he was very excited to do that. a good quote came on page 54. "Kind of like when we used to play insect torture .Except now he was the ant and i was holding the maginfying glass." this is a unique change and we can finaly see their differences. we had seen the differnce socialy and economily between the friends but now we finaly see that this may be interupting their play time.

post b- reflection. this week im going to write a haiku
young children see whats happening
all around and in their towns
it affects them too

creative writing

Why in childhood?
Kids need to be read books in childhood because that is the basics to learning how to read and write by being familiar with words and letters. showing pictres with stories helps kids to learn words. from the actual stories kids learn alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers and certain expectations for society. kids need to learn to use their imagination.

Why later in life?
People read after high school if they are going to college or further studies. also in
jobs such as publishing or education you are required to read novels, picture books and short stories. people around my parents age (40s-50s) read books for self help and to get smarter. I know from experience that its good to read and keep your brain later in life. My grandmother has alzhiemers and when she began old age she stopped reading as much as she had before and that may have postponed her alzheimers.

Why in OUR nation?
In our nation literature is highly regarded. there are many highly prized american book awards given out each year. Kids in elementary are taught to read and already beging writing small pargraphs by the first grade. This nation wants nothign more but to haave strong learners who can read and write strongly. In this time in our nation writing (more than ever) lets citizens express their feelings without limits.

MY stories
When i was young some favorite stories of mine included- the little fur people, courdoroy, where the wild things are, goodnight moon, and pat the bunny. The little fur people makes me think of my mom. she used to read it to me a lot before i went to bed. it's a small book thats covered in grey fur and its about little people that look like bears. Pat the bunny was another touch and feel book. you would feel the dads beared, look in a mirror, and the pat the bunnys furry tummy. these books all remind me of my mom because she always read me books .

Characteristics of a GREAT story:
1) it should have pictures- if its a text book or something wordy. if its an adult novel that just means the writing is not as descriptive as it could be. if it has pictures.
2)an overal theme thats relateable
3) a moral or a lesson
4) drama/ conflicts that make the story believeable
5) relateable charactres
6)funny comic relief
7) a romantic interest will keep anyone interested in the story.